Our Services

Cheryl J. Kagan Public Relations was established in 1998
We are in the business of show "business"


Cheryl J. Kagan Public Relations
100 North Crescent Drive #100
Beverly Hills, CA 90210

Phone - 310-701-3911
Email - CKagan5897@aol.com

What We Do

Since 1998, Cheryl J. Kagan Public Relations has represented international and national celebrities, TV projects, authors, sports events, corporate projects and non profit organizations. The company has maintained a stellar reputation with its clients and mainstream media, and offers a multitude of services including:publicity, consultation, creative campaign strategy and damage control. We are in the business of show "business" and provide our clients with excellent working relationships.

CJK PR develops campaigns to reach key targeted areas of interest. We strategize with our clients to develop a unified identity for advertising, marketing, promotional material, pr, branding while pursuing vertical integration for productive growth. We write copy for radio spots, media, concerts, events, shows. Our company participates in an active role to generate favorable media exposure.We believe in a direct line of communication and positive, productive organizational skills for an effortless outcome. We combine publicity, management skills and creative concepts when devising tailor-made game plans for our clients. We are in the communications business and believe it's essential to communicate with our clients and their teams to be successful.